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Similar to how MetaMask bridges between your browser and Ethereum, we proudly present QuarkChain Devnet with MetaMask support to bridge your browser to QuarkChain!


The address shown here is backed by your MetaMask plugin, but bear in mind that the addresses backed by the same private key may have real ETH in main Ethereum network. This is similar situation where your accounts may have ETH in both main Ethereum Network or Ropsten Testnet. When you interact with QuarkChain, your real ETH is safe, see below.


When you interact with QuarkChain using MetaMask, we ask for signatures from your private key stored with MetaMask. To make sure the signature won't be used to do evil (for example, sending the same signed transaction to main Ethereum Network for your real ETH,) we follow EIP-712 to use typedSign(), which includes QuarkChain-specific fields. As you can observe, the transaction and signature combination is only valid on QuarkChain and cannot be used elsewhere.

Existing Testnet Accounts

You can import existing accounts of QuarkChain Testnet to MetaMask, just follow this link to import using your private key. Note those accounts won't be backed by your private seed.

The faucet account drips 1 token every block (~10 seconds). Current token balances are shown below.

You can submit a request if there is no pending transaction from the faucet account.

It will take ~10 seconds for the token to arrive since your account is on the same shard as the faucet account (Chain [faucetChainId] Shard [faucetShardId]).

Note that it could take ~90 seconds for the token to arrive since your account is on a different shard from the faucet account (Chain [faucetChainId] Shard [faucetShardId]).

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